The Orca.Digital® proprietary PODSTM platform was built by a team with extensive digital marketing, digital advertising, and social media experience helping companies gain market share.

The ORCATM Domain Vault service helps companies monetize premium top-level domains using good faith practices.

ORCATM Digital Services provides HDTV, home security & automation, wireless phone, digital phone, and other essential digital services through our network of leading service providers.

Our clients, partnerships, and affiliations are with the world's leading companies to help them raise awareness and increase engagement.

ORCATM consulting engagements:
Paramount Apparel International
SHANLIN YE Contemporary Chinese Art

ORCATM pro-bono community work:
Chesterfield Missouri Chamber of Commerce

ORCA's non-profit organization is called SpreadtheCure.orgTM. We are focused on ending the suffering of those with Hemophilia Type A.

A potential cure is within reach and we'd like to help spread it around the world.