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Building Future Wealth in a Digital Economy

Marketing Transformed®

ORCA® Founder/Owner

The concept for ORCA.digital® the company, domain, and brand started in 1997 by a former journalist turned corporate marketing professional with the vision of transforming digital business through transparency, authenticity, and charity.

Our mission at ORCA® is to help our clients grow their business using a comprehensive blend of digital strategies. As a publisher, we connect self-directed digital entrepreneurs with companies that share our vision.

Our PODS® advertise and market select brands. We provide secure referral links through direct partnerships, credible affiliates, and ORCA-owned TLDs. We prefer building digital enterprises on the .digital, .direct, .io, and .com domain spectrums.

Our long-term vision is to cure those with blood-related diseases caused by genetic disorders through safe & ethical revelations in CRISPR. A portion of ORCA profits go towards curing hemophilia through Spread the CureTM & SpreadtheCure.orgTM.

By supporting ORCA and the brands that support us, you will help transform real people's lives for the better. And if we've been able to help you along the way, do us a solid and drop some spare change in the Tip JarTM.