ORCA® = Overseeing Registered Certified A-records
Advertising, promotion, and marketing services in the nature of website and domain monetization and monetizing web traffic for domain name owners and website owners; URL strategy and acquisition services for others, namely marketing & advertising services relating to the analysis, evaluation, creation, and brand establishment of domain names for others. Domain monetization services for others in the nature of digital advertising; digital advertising management services provided online that allows for revenue generated from click-through advertising for facilitation of the storage and monetization of domain name addresses. All ORCA Certified Domains must share our vision and require a thorough vetting through our patent-pending security verification process.
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PODS® = Purpose Outperforms Direct Selling
Independent & objective professional services for brands looking to move beyond their core competencies and into more purposeful relationships with their clients and the communities they serve. Our system focuses on building life-long relationships and providing an objective perspective to decision-makers that want to make a difference.
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