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We help clients design and build digital marketing & advertising PODS® that drive positive ROAS using our proprietary business platform.® is a TLD innovator helping transform online business using our proprietary digital marketing model and our holistic media mix allocation formula. DOT DIGITAL is your company online. We power online & word-of-mouth advertising using the .digital TLD spectrum.




We help brands gain awareness & Improve Perception

ORCA's Non-Profit Organization is SpreadtheCure.orgTM
We are focused on ending the financial, emotional, and physical suffering of those with Hemophilia Type A. The potential cure to this disabling disease is within reach and our vision is to spread it to those in need.

A portion of all proceeds generated by following the secure links on this website (or through ORCA-owned .digital TLDs) go directly to help Spread the Cure.

ORCA® operates five primary lines of business:

I. ORCA® Consulting
Helping companies develop a long-term and comprehensive Digital Brand StrategyTM.
Digital marketing budget development, organizational design, and advertising technology (specializing in Google Marketing Platform & Google Ads, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, website design/development, SEM, and social media/PR).

A proprietary and fully outsourced digital marketing & advertising business model designed to help companies increase awareness and improve perception.

III. ORCA® Domain Vault
A domaining, affiliate marketing, and link sharing service that monetizes premium top-level domains using secure, good faith practices both online and through word-of-mouth advertising. We have provisional patent applications on premium Google .digital TLDs.

IV. ORCA® Crypto
We help clients navigate and develop strategies to monetize Blockchain technologies.
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V. ORCA® Digital Services
We have partnerships, affiliations, co-branded sponsorships, and referral networks with leading providers of various products & services that make online business convenient and cost efficient for our clients.

Call 314.825.ORCA or email us at for information about becoming an ORCA® client.

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Digital Brand Strategy & Execution
Media Budget Allocation | Org Design | Ad Tech

For clients with a total annual ad spend between $1M-$10M.
P: 314.825.ORCA




Digital Brand Strategy & Execution
Media Budget Allocation | Org Design | Ad Tech

For clients with a total annual ad spend between $10M-$100M.
P: 314.825.ORCA




Digital Brand Strategy & Execution
Media Budget Allocation | Org Design | Ad Tech

For clients with a total annual ad spend of $100M+.
P: 314.825.ORCA




Professionals Overseeing Digital Strategies

PODS® are custom designed to gain brand awareness and improve brand perception.

Our holistic media mix allocation formula aligns ad spend with top-line revenue through a comprehensive digital brand strategy.

ORCA PODS® help our clients out-optimize their competition.

 Art by Tyler Miano

Art by Tyler Miano

Why Use Orca?

  • Led by digital professionals.

  • Ongoing training with the latest digital technologies.

  • Tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

  • Secure & Confidential.

  • Programmatic. Data-Driven. Scalable.

We offer three ORCA PODS service tiers:

PODS White = Clients with a total annual ad spend between $1M-$10M.

PODS Black = Clients with a total annual ad spend between $10M-$100M.

PODS Blue = Clients with a total annual ad spend of $100M+.


 By Tyler

By Tyler

How ORCA Services Work

I. We help innovative companies create a comprehensive digital brand strategy using our holistic media mix allocation formula and the ORCA Domain Vault service.

II. We create ORCA PODS that align digital ad spend with top-line revenue and sync with the ORCA Domain Vault service.

III. The ORCA PODS work to gain brand awareness, engagement, and measurable growth over time. (One-year minimum commitment.)






How to engage with us:

Step 1

ORCA Consulting & PODS: 314.825.ORCA
ORCA Domain Vault: 720.507.ORCA
ORCA Digital Services: 919.473.ORCA

Step 2

Review and sign our mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Step 3

Review and sign our Master Services Agreement.

Step 4

We draft a Statement of Work (SOW) based on your requirements.

Step 5

We execute the SOW.

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