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TRansform lives through digital &® is a US-based Digital Creator providing Blockchain services.

ORCA® Certified Domains provide secure access to digital assets via the Internet.

PODS® provide consulting services for aspiring digital asset and cryptocurrency Hodl'ers.

Spread the Cure® advocates for affordable cures to costly genetic diseases and disorders.



orca & pods

Advertising, promotion, and marketing services in the nature of website and domain monetization and monetizing web traffic for domain name owners and website owners; URL strategy and acquisition services for others, namely marketing & advertising services relating to the analysis, evaluation, creation, and brand establishment of domain names for others. Domain monetization services for others in the nature of digital advertising; digital advertising management services provided online that allows for revenue generated from advertising for facilitation of the storage and monetization of domain name addresses.
+ ORCA® Certified Domains

Better than a fiduciary is a friend. Our consulting practice focuses on technical mastery of digital financial tools using a proprietary, Fibonacci-inspired strategy for aspiring Hodl'ers. Digital markets are unpredictable and the risks associated with investing in digital assets are soley the responsibility of the client.
+ PODS® Consulting






  • People working together to make a difference through Blockchain technologies.

  • Digital Creators & Webmasters expanding the ‘middle class’ through disruptive innovation.

  • Hodl’ers working toward financial independence.



How to BE AN ORCA?

  • Contribute $100USD to help Spread the Cure and get an ‘ Awareness Bracelet’ at

  • Aspiring Hodl’ers schedule an appointment with Ryan through PODS consulting. Corporate rate is $2000/hr + travel. Individual rate is $137/hr.

  • Join the waitlist to get your idea or company considered for a listing on + ORCA and learn how to generate digital revenue.



certified Domains

‘orca + pods’

-> ORCA® Certified Domains & Links
Use ORCA® Certified Domains and share them with family & friends to 'transform lives through digital.' Clients and affiliates pay® for Blockchain consulting services and advertising.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital assets that unite our global economy. Learn how to buy, sell, pay, and earn interest on digital assets.

Crypto For Cures
Securely contribute digital assets to our cause and receive an '® Awareness Bracelet' to show your support.
+ Contribute to www.CryptoForCures.comORCA

Crypto For Cancer
Help us start a non-profit to overcome cancer.
+ Contribute to www.CryptoForCancer.orgORCA

Crypto For A Debt-Free America
This idea was conceived in honor of Benjamin Franklin and in the same spirit he used to 'donate $100' to the city of Philadelphia. This account accepts cryptocurrency donations that will be used to pay down the US National Debt which stands at -$22T and counting.
+ Contribute to www.inverseETF.usORCA

Amazon Smiles, And So Will We
Use for all your current and future Amazon purchases, and choose as your charity, and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase to help Spread the Cure. It won't cost you anything beyond remembering to type into your browser before you buy.

+ www.AON.digitalORCA

Affordable, Quality & Portable Healthcare
New HRA policies are changing the US healthcare system in ways that will allow individuals in 2020 and beyond to access quality healthcare options apart from traditional company group health plans. The new regulations also allow companies to reimburse their employees healthcare premiums with tax-free dollars. Monthly premiums adjust based on income. Help us keep healthcare data private, portable, and affordable.
+ www.HealthSherpa.digitalORCA

Questions. Questions. Questions. (No Pre-Existing Condition Restrictions)
+ www.QQQ.digitalORCA

Get your 1095-A Tax Form
+ www.1095a.digitalORCA

Call HealthSherpa for more details
+1 855-870-3080

A Simple & Secure Way to Pay with Digital Cash and/or Bitcoin
Create a digital wallet, get a debit card, connect with your bank, transfer money securely as needed, and pay online & offline.
+ www.CASHAPP.digitalORCA

Send an eGift Card
Send money digitally using your credit or debit card.
+ www.ORCAcard.digitalORCA

Access and Trade Equities & Crypto Commission-Free
Democratizing financial markets. Open a ROBINHOOD Account, Get a Free Stock.
+ www.ROBINHOOD.digitalORCA

Secure Your Digital Life
Think of all the private information that you have online. The first line of defense against digital theft starts with securely storing your usernames & passwords. Protect all of your sensitive digital info in one app that can be accessed across platforms.
+ www.DASHLANE.digitalORCA

Get Connected Everywhere
Home WiFi & Global Hotspots to keep you in the know wherever you go.
+ www.ATT.digitalORCA

Debt-Free Housing, No Mortgage Payments
Buy a 'Tiny House' on Amazon
20ft/40ft Expandable Container House With Solar Energy
+ www.TINYHOUSE.digitalORCA

+ ORCA 'Parking Lot'

Anyone can use ORCA® Certified Domains to access our network of 'brands with purpose.' Our domains are secure and they have an exclusive listing on the® website. All ORCA Certified Domain names require a thorough vetting through ORCAs patent-pending security verification process. A portion of profits generated by using, buying, and/or selling ORCA domains go to help Spread the Cure®.




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