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changE lives through digital &® is a global company that provides digital branding for companies that need top-level digital exposure.

ORCA® certified domains provide secure access to trusted brands via the Internet. Our domains change lives.

PODS® consulting provides organic & paid advertising services to quality brands.

Spread the Cure® is our non-profit foundation advocating for people with deadly genetic diseases & disorders to receive timely access to affordable cures.




ORCA® = Overseeing Registered Certified A-records
Advertising, promotion, and marketing services in the nature of website and domain monetization and monetizing web traffic for domain name owners and website owners; URL strategy and acquisition services for others, namely marketing & advertising services relating to the analysis, evaluation, creation, and brand establishment of domain names for others. Domain monetization services for others in the nature of digital advertising; digital advertising management services provided online that allows for revenue generated from click-through advertising for facilitation of the storage and monetization of domain name addresses. All ORCA-certified TLDs require a thorough vetting through ORCAs patent-pending security verification process.
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PODS® = Professionals Overseeing Digital Strategies
Independent & objective marketing & advertising consulting services. Providing an objective perspective to decision-makers.
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Professionals Overseeing Digital Strategies



  • Led by digital professional(s).

  • Digital strategies custom to each client.

  • Independent & objective analyses based on the best interests of the client.



How PODS Work?

  • Objective & confidential review of historical marketing budgets and media mix allocation strategies (if applicable).

  • Collaborate on an amortized advertising budget & a programmatic advertising strategy.

  • Standard rates based on each project and outlined in an official Statement of Work.



+ ORCA Domains

overseeing Registered certified a-records

Anyone can use ORCA domains to receive sign-up perks & bonuses from our affiliate partners. ORCA-certified domains are secure and they have an exclusive listing on the website. All ORCA-certified domain names require a thorough vetting through ORCAs patent-pending security verification process. A portion of profits generated by using ORCA domains go to Spread the Cure.



How to initiate a consulting relationship:

Step 1

Call to set an appointment: 314.825.ORCA

Step 2

Review and sign our mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Step 3

Review and sign our Master Services Agreement (MSA).

Step 4

Draft a Statement of Work (SOW).

Step 5

We execute the SOW.

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