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‘Marketing Transformed’ for good &® is a digital creator.

ORCA® Certified Domains boost our clients credibility, visibility, and organic search relevance through secure access to verified digital assets via the Internet.

ORCA® Certified Reviews provide independently verified information to the public on behalf of our clients.

PODS® provide digital marketing services to our clients.® is our 501(c)(3) foundation advocating for affordable cures to costly genetic diseases and disorders.


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Advertising, promotion, and marketing services in the nature of website and domain monetization and monetizing web traffic for domain name owners and website owners; URL strategy and acquisition services for others, namely marketing & advertising services relating to the analysis, evaluation, creation, and brand establishment of domain names for others. Domain monetization services for others in the nature of digital advertising; digital advertising management services provided online that allows for revenue generated from advertising for facilitation of the storage and monetization of domain name addresses.
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Digital marketing and online advertising services for clients.
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  • Marketers making a positive impact through Blockchain technologies.

  • Teams of Digital Creators & ‘Webmasters’ scaling awareness about select products and services.

  • Real people creating positive digital experiences that benefit humanity.




  • Help ‘Spread the Cure’ by contributing digital assets to our cause and receive an ‘ORCA Awareness Bracelet.’ Details on the + Crypto For Cures page.

  • Schedule an appointment to pursue a verified listing on the website. Call 314.825.ORCA for availability.

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Why Do ORCA® Certified Domains & Links Matter?
ORCA cerified companies boost our clients credibility, visibility, and organic search relevance. Those who use our network of ORCA® Certified Domains, and share them with family & friends, help raise awareness about the companies and causes we support. Our clients and affiliates pay us for digital marketing services and certified listings.

Brave Web Browser
A New Way to View the Web
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Secure Your Digital Life
The first line of defense against digital theft starts with securing usernames & passwords. Protect digital information with one password.
+ www.DASHLANE.digitalORCA

Real History?
The first line of defense against ignorance starts with gaining knowledge.

+ www.LibraryofCongress.orgORCA Reviews
Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, 'real-time digital assets' designed to unite the global economy and connect our financial systems. Read reviews about the companies changing our world of money.
+ www.TRADING.digitalORCA

Crypto For A Debt-Free America
'' is a secure Coinbase account that accepts cryptocurrency contributions that are managed by experienced HODL'ers and used to pay down the US National Debt (view 'debt clock'). This idea was conceived in honor of Benjamin Franklin and in the same spirit he used to 'donate $100' to the city of Philadelphia. The US National Debt currently stands at -$22T and counting. That is roughly $184K+ per American taxpayer. We believe the best way to get the country out of debt is to get the people out of debt.
+ Contribute to ''

Ideas like '' and Andrew Yang's 'Freedom Dividend' are designed to promote humanity-centric capitalism, debt reduction, and a foundation for long-term, sustainable socio-economic liberty for all.
+ Learn about the 'Freedom Dividend'

Crypto For Cures
Securely contribute digital assets to our cause and receive an 'ORCA® Awareness Bracelet' to show your support.
+ www.CryptoForCures.comORCA

Crypto For Cancer
Help start a non-profit to cure cancers caused by single-gene mutations.
+ www.CryptoForCancer.orgORCA

Amazon Smiles, And So Will We
Use AmazonSmile for all your current and future Amazon purchases, and choose as your charity, and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase to help Spread the Cure.

+ www.AON.digitalORCA

Access Affordable Health Insurance
We advocate for private, portable, and affordable health insurance that is independent from corporate group health plans. Contact HealthSherpa to see if you qualify and compare rates.
+ www.HealthSherpa.digitalORCA

Questions. Questions. Questions. (No Pre-Existing Condition Restrictions)
+ www.QQQ.digitalORCA

Get your 1095-A Tax Form
+ www.1095a.digitalORCA

Call HealthSherpa for more details
+1 855-870-3080

A Simple Way to Access Digital Cash
+ www.CASHAPP.digitalORCA

Commission-Free Equity & Crypto Trading
Robinhood is 'democratizing financial markets.'
+ www.ROBINHOOD.digitalORCA

Affordable 'Tiny' Solar House
Buy a 20/40ft expandable container house with solar energy on Amazon.
+ www.TINYHOUSE.digitalORCA

Que Blu
Smooth, Quality, Safe Vapor. Just like breathing air.
+ www.vaping.digitalORCA

+ www.blupods.digitalORCA

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Anyone can use ORCA® Certified Domains to access our network. Our domains are secure and they have an exclusive listing on the® website. ORCA Certified Domains require a thorough vetting through our patent-pending security verification process. A portion of profits help Spread the Cure®.



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