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.01, inc.® the company, domain, and brand started in 2014 by a former journalist & corporate marketing professional with the vision of transforming digital business through transparency, authenticity, and charity.

Our mission at ORCA® is to help our clients grow their business using a comprehensive blend of digital strategies. As a publisher, we connect our website visitors with companies that share our vision.

We advertise and market select brands and provide secure referral links through direct partnerships, credible affiliates, and ORCA-owned TLDs. We build digital enterprises on the .digital domain spectrum. If it's not an ORCA-certified TLD, it may not be secure.

Our long-term vision is to eliminate the suffering of those with genetic diseases that show promise of a cure through CRISPR & gene therapies. A portion of ORCA profits go towards curing Hemophilia through Spread the CureTM.

By supporting ORCA and the brands that support us, you will help transform real people's lives for the better.

Ryan // Founder & Owner




Transforming companies into digital enterprises

ORCA® Digital Brand StrategyTM
Consultation services designed to objectively optimize ROAS with a focus on digital advertising allocation strategies and organizational design concepts.

Proprietary marketing & advertising teams of Professionals Overseeing Digital Strategies.

ORCA® Domain Vault
Top-Level Domain (TLD) services offering secure link certification, domaining, domain recovery, affiliate marketing, and link sharing for premium TLDs. ORCA-certified TLDs carry the .digitalORCA stamp and are listed on the® domain.

ORCA® Crypto
Secure digital wallet and vault account creation & oversight for businesses.

ORCA® Digital Services
We have partnerships, affiliations, co-branded sponsorships, and referral networks with leading providers of various products & services, typically at discounted or promotional rates.

Spread the CureTM
A portion of proceeds generated by working with ORCA and the companies listed below go towards raising awareness about curing disease through CRISPR & gene therapy.
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Donate via ApplePay, Credit Card or Debit Card (DONATION.digitalORCA)
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EBates (EBATES.digitalORCA)

Financial Services Referral Affiliates
AMEX Platinum Card (
Coinbase ( (
HitBTC (
Robinhood (
SogoTrade (

Home & Business Services
DirecTV (
DishTV (
Vivint Home Security & Automation (
Smarthome Home Security & Automation
XOOMEnergy Electric & Gas Bills (
Anovia Credit Card Payment Processing for Businesses (
Discount Internet Service
Discount Wireless Phone Service
Discount VoIP Digital Phone Service

eCommerce Affiliates
Imperial Sports Golf Hats 'Best Fit Since 1916'
EBates (
Sam's Club (
Affliction Clothing (
Cat Footwear
Sonos Speakers (
Tasting Room Wine Club
SeaBear Smokehouse
Topps Baseball Cards

Travel Affiliates
Shell Fuel Rewards (
UBER Discounts (
AIRPOD Sleeping Pod (
Qatar Airways
Upside Travel Discounts
La Quinta Hotels

Entertainment Affiliates
Fanduel Fantasy Sports (
Brave Web Browser (
Atom Movie Tickets (
Gametime Concert & Event Tickets (
moviepass (

Professional Services Affiliates
Find a Pro with Bark (
Mark Pedroli Law Firm
Jeri Schultz and Associates
Webex US

Call 314.825.ORCA or email us at about becoming an ORCA® affiliate partner.




Professionals Overseeing Digital Strategies

PODS® provide select clients with customized digital solutions focused on increasing brand awareness and long-term growth.


Why Use Orca?

  • Led by digital professionals.

  • Custom to each client.

  • Independent, Objective & Confidential.

  • Programmatic. Data-Driven. Scalable.




  • Client provides a top-line budget, a start date with a 12-month timeline, and a realistic & attainable goal.

  • We design and build a PODS team.

  • We help companies transform into a digital enterprise.






How to engage with us:

Step 1

Call the ORCA office to schedule an appointment: 314.825.ORCA

Step 2

Review and sign our mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Step 3

Review and sign our Master Services Agreement.

Step 4

We draft a Statement of Work (SOW) based on your requirements.

Step 5

We execute the SOW.

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